happy 4th of july!


happy 4th of july, everyone!  we are having a wonderful day hanging out at home.  it’s been lazy and just what we needed as a family.  i got to sleep in and the boys have spent all day outside playing with their magic sand.  i got some tie dye kits from target on clearance and we just finished an epic tie dye session!  we are all so colorful (we don’t need no stinkin’ gloves!)  it looks like a bunch of hippies live here!

IMG_2246 IMG_2229 IMG_2235 IMG_2231 IMG_2243anyway, i hope you and your families have a fantastic weekend!  stay cool and Happy Birthday, America!




around the house…

IMG_5844 IMG_5843 IMG_5805 IMG_5788 IMG_5783 IMG_5777 IMG_5772 IMG_5764 IMG_5741 IMG_5730

we had a pretty busy and really fun week:  our favorite farmer’s market opened last friday and we came back with a pretty great haul!  the boys made fun dream catchers for themselves (and one for daddy for father’s day–shhhh! don’t tell.) i did some sewing – check here for that post.  we hit the market again today.  jack jack got a rockabilly haircut from howie at steadfast – an awesome barber shop in town.  we found this most excellent dragonfly in the garden today.  i pickled some radishes ate my favorite dinner and i also discovered the best beer in the world!   if you know me, i don’t say that lightly!

i hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

here are some more things to check out while you relax and enjoy father’s day this weekend:

these famous dads and their kids – get a tissue.  just saying’

i will be drinking one of these this weekend

this looks awesomely easy and i will be making one for my bedroom

it’s always a good time for popsicles

i am so in love with this outfit

…and also all of these pants which i would wear out shopping and to work



valentine’s potato stamp towels…

when i was a little girl, my mom would make potato stamps and let us decorate paper for book covers, wrapping, or just for fun.  i wanted to do potato stamps for the boys to try and i wanted to have them be able to craft some gifts for their grandparents.  this craft was a bit more labor intensive and took a bit longer, but not too hard for the littles to handle.


for this craft you will need:

fabric paint – i used three colors of pink/red because i wanted an ombre look (found at michael’s)


paring knife

flour sack towels or tea towels

small cookie cutter in the shape you want (optional)


wash and dry your potatoes really well.  cut them in half and set the pieces you are not using cut side down on a paper towel to soak up any extra moisture.  take your cookie cutter and press it firmly into the center of the cut side of your potato  1/4-1/2 inch.  leave your cookie cutter in the potato.  take your paring knife and very carefully, cut the potato from around the outside of the cookie cutter, removing the excess so when you carefully remove the cookie cutter you have a raised stamp.

*if you don’t have a cookie cutter, you can take a sharpened pencil and trace your design onto the potato and use the tip of the paring knife to gently cut into the potato about 1/2 inch around the shape you traced, to make the outline of the stamp and then gently cut away the excess.  doing it this way takes a steadier hand and more time.

when your potato stamps are ready, spread a plastic tablecloth down on your table or some paper to keep your table safe.  squeeze some paint onto a paper plate and spread around to thin it a bit so the paint doesn’t squish about too much on the potato.  then, just have at it!


lay them flat to dry for 4 hours and then you can wash and dry them after 72 hours.

harry didn’t like doing this project so much, but he is not a big fan of paint, so his stamping was minimal.  but jack jack really got into it and had a blast!  i love his abstract approach to stamp placement.  i also did one for myself and i had a lot of fun.  i did an ombre gradient towel and love how it looks.  here are the boys’ finished towels:


this would be a fun housewarming gift and would work for any holiday too.  have fun and let me know what you think if you do this project!



little hearts…

i was looking for something fun and valentine-y to do today and this is probably the most easy project the boys and i’ve ever done.  it requires 4 supplies and really very little patience.


my mom sent these little foam hearts in the mail to the boys and i thought a conversation heart garland would be fun.  for this project you will need:


a pack of foam hearts (they came in pink, red purple and white — or you could just cut your own out of some of sheets of craft foam), silver sharpie marker, hole punch and some yarn.

just punch two holes in each heart — i punched them at the top of each “hump.”  write traditional conversation hearts sayings on each heart, or just make up your own.  this is a good thing to have a big kid do for you, but the marker can get kind of smelly, so be careful or do it yourself.  when the sayings were all done, i just handed the hearts to my toddlers and had them thread the yarn through the holes.  i put a bit of tape on the ends of the yarn to make them easier to thread.

they  had fun, but they didn’t really string them on so i could hang the garland, so i had to re-do them.  they boys didn’t care.  they thought it looked lovely.

see, wasn’t that easy?

here’s a little valentine for you from me:




handmade valentines…


today we painted hearts.  i had gotten a pack of doily hearts at michael’s on a whim and we needed a project today, so watercolor hearts it was.

IMG_4912 IMG_4914 IMG_4913

i just taped them to some yarn i had and stuck them up on our ugly cornice in the kitchen.  i just love them.  it’s been so icky outside this past few weeks and we’ve been really missing the sun, so it was super exciting when it poked out for a few minutes today after i hung the hearts.  they caught the light and i opened all the blinds to let in as much sun as possible.


i think they look like prayer flags and they make me smile every time i walk into the kitchen.


do you celebrate valentine’s day?  how do you celebrate the people you love?  here are some other cool valentine’s day things i’ve found recently.

a cute carved initial candle for your sweetie via henry happened.  i made a black one for christopher.

i would hang this adorable heart garland all year round.

this would be a cute decoration for a little valentine’s party.

i will definitely be making this “red valentine” cocktail via the stylish type.