happy 4th of july!


happy 4th of july, everyone!  we are having a wonderful day hanging out at home.  it’s been lazy and just what we needed as a family.  i got to sleep in and the boys have spent all day outside playing with their magic sand.  i got some tie dye kits from target on clearance and we just finished an epic tie dye session!  we are all so colorful (we don’t need no stinkin’ gloves!)  it looks like a bunch of hippies live here!

IMG_2246 IMG_2229 IMG_2235 IMG_2231 IMG_2243anyway, i hope you and your families have a fantastic weekend!  stay cool and Happy Birthday, America!




around the house…

IMG_0206 IMG_1983 IMG_1875 IMG_2029 IMG_1816 IMG_2019 IMG_1947 IMG_2062

you may have been wondering what the hell happened at the house of mayhem and chaos because i’ve been quiet for so long.

well, a lot, to put it simply.

i took a very last-minute trip to phoenix to see my family after some “family stuff” was happening (everyone is ok, so not to worry), the boys got glasses, finished preschool and we got them all registered for homeschool kindergarten. and, well, it’s just summer and that means our calendar is super full.

i’m trying to not overdo our schedule, but there are so many people to see and things to do!  i’m also trying to not spend as much time online (it’s a working goal, anyway) and focus on just “being” with the boys.  we have lots of fun things planned for the summer: t-ball, swimming, playdates, tending our garden, working on reading and math, camping trips and some museum visits.  ok, i’m already tired just writing out this list!

but, things are going really well.  the boys are getting so big and will be five next month (FIVE!!!!) and they have requested an epic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party, so i have that to work on look forward to.  so, that’s what we’ve been up to.  please stick with me, i’m trying to get better at creating writing goals for myself with this blog and i have a lot of fun posts i want to share with you.  like i said, working goals.



family mini break…

last night we got back home from a three-day family vacation at wallowa lake in oregon.  it was more of a mini-break, really, but we all had a wonderful time.  we spent our time hiking, fishing and playing in the lake.

IMG_1355 IMG_1353 IMG_1349the eagle cap wilderness is just lovely and we couldn’t have hoped for better weather.  the boys loved sleeping in the tent and each morning harry would exclaim, “mommy!  i woke up in my tent!”

the campground had a little play area nearby and the boys loved the climbing wall.

IMG_1338 IMG_1344 IMG_6414we went into the little town of joseph to do some sightseeing and eat some ice cream.  and, we wound up bringing home some treasures.  i found the world’s best mug and the boys chose jars filled with marbles.  you would have thought they had found nuggets of gold!  apparently, marbles make for the best treasures.  i’m kind of wishing i’d gotten some marbles!

IMG_6442 IMG_6440 IMG_6449there are deer in the area of the campground and apparently, they are very friendly and used to humans.  a young buck wandered into our campsite looking for a treat.  there are signs posted everywhere saying not to feed the deer and we were strict with putting away our food each night.  however, since we were packing up, the little guy thought we’d be an easy mark for some nibbles!  we grabbed the food off the table just in the nick of time.  the boys were mesmerized by a deer so close up!  jack wanted to ride him (which we explained would absolutely NOT happen) but he actually got close enough to touch it before it wandered off to the neighboring campsite.  wow!  nature up close and personal!

IMG_1371  IMG_1363 IMG_1368 IMG_1360on our way home yesterday, we stopped at terminal gravity brewing.  it is one of the brands christopher represents and we had a fantastic lunch.  ed, the owner, and kevin, their marketing manager made time to talk to us and thank christopher for his work on selling their beer.  the beers are outstanding and you should try to pick some up at your grocer!  their outdoor seating area is spectacular and we had lunch in a little aspen grove next to a stream.

10369895_10202186269849950_5478510722435140775_nthis was a refreshing and relaxing trip that our little family really needed.  i loved not being on my phone or the computer for a few days, although there was so much to attend to when we got back.  i’m already going to be reserving a campsite for next year.







lately, i’ve been getting into the swing of things with the new job at the taphouse and getting used to a schedule that gets me home way later at night (ok, really, way early in the morning.)  i’ve also been feeling old.  i think it’s just one of those times in my life when, all of a sudden, i realize that i’m not actually 25, like my brain thinks it is.  i found out that i’m the oldest person at my new job and i’m only 36.  plus, i’m running around like a chicken with my head off at the new job and i am totally not used to moving this fast for this long!


because i’m not one for remaining static or keeping things how they’ve been, i needed a change.  something personal.  something to perk me up.  something a little drastic, so, i chopped all my hair off.  well, i didn’t do it this time.  i had someone else do it. i’ve been growing it out for nearly two years and i had gotten to the point of not wanting to do anything with it.  then i decided i needed some highlights, which i did do myself.  they didn’t exactly turn out as highlights as much as light caramel-colored streaks, but i like them and that’s all that matters.


i didn’t know how it would turn out, so i didn’t take pictures, but next time, i definitely will.

the boys have been a bit out of sorts lately, too, so we’ve had some lazy days around the house. we’ve had some storms the last couple days and i think the barometric pressure is messing with all of us.  i’ve been playing around with the look of the blog and the boys have been playing around the house, doing art projects, and watching movies.


monday, when we heard about robin williams passing, we watched jumanji as a family.  i think we will watch hook next.  this has all reminded me how fragile people can be and how we are all fighting battles, and how important it is to be kind to those we meet.  having struggled with depression i know what it feels like to be that low.  i am thankful that i haven’t felt that low in a long time, but i am mindful that it can come back when i least expect it.  so, i keep a close watch on myself and take measures to make sure i stay healthy.

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today i am snuggling with the boys, watching pbs kids, making homemade canned pizza sauce from our home-grown tomatoes and working on my writing.


next week we are taking a family camping trip to wallow lake in oregon.  just the four of us for four days.  we plan on fishing and hiking and i don’t plan on doing much of anything else.



one crazy summer…


does summer just seem so busy?  it feels like we have more going on in the summer than the school year!  most of our time is spent at home playing in the backyard, tending the garden, splashing in the pool, watching pbs kids and reading library books.  but the month of july is especially jam-packed for us.  starting off with the 4th of july, the month just cartwheels with events, parties and fun things.  the boys’ birthday is in july as well as christopher’s and my anniversary.  we have had the added bonus of christopher’s mom moving to town this summer and we have gotten in a lot of “grammie time.”  all of this fun is interspersed with going to the weekly “free summer kid movies” at the theater, weekly visits to the farmer’s markets and lots of cooking, canning and pickling!

 IMG_6208 IMG_5948 IMG_6212

the week of the 4th of july, our very best friends from california called to say they were (surprise!) in portland, adopting a baby!  we drove over to hood river and met them and had a wonderful day playing in the columbia river and eating at one of our favorite breweries.


the very next weekend, christopher’s company had a huge family day at an amusement park!  we miss most of his company’s parties because we live about 3 hours from the corporate headquarters, but we did all we could to attend this one!  we left at 6 in the morning to get to silverwood by 10 am.  i was not sure how the boys would do since it would be a really long day with a lot of driving and playing, but they were awesome!  they rode tons of rides, including some roller coasters, and we all rode the ferris wheel.  i do not like the ferris wheel.  for some reason, it scares the crap out of me.  i can ride the most brain-rattling upside-down roller coaster, but the ferris wheel makes me cry.  anyway, we all survived (and harry totally loved it.)

IMG_6182 IMG_6141 IMG_1226 IMG_6181 IMG_6160 IMG_6171

and this last weekend, we had a little birthday party for the boys with some family and neighborhood friends.  there was lots of splashing in the sprinkler and pool and lots of yelling and screaming and merry-making!

IMG_6237 IMG_1248 IMG_1270

this weekend, christopher and i are looking forward to having a night out to celebrate our 6th anniversary. all of this summer fun has left us all very tired!


i hope you are really enjoying your summer!



around the house…

we have been living outside lately.  it’s so warm and sunny!  we can’t get enough.  the boys are taking swim lessons and practicing every day in the backyard inflatable pool.  i’m reading a lot (mostly jason bourne and jack reacher books) and loving watching the boys enjoy the summer.

IMG_6128IMG_1156 IMG_1159 IMG_5951 IMG_5948

we had a 4th of july bbq at my dear friend’s house and the boys had a blast.  the local fireworks display was visible from our neighborhood park and we all laid out on our picnic blankets and “oooohh-d” and “aaahhhh-d”!

IMG_6011 IMG_6083

on sunday, we took a day trip to hood river oregon to meet up with our best friends who live in california, but happened to be in portland!  we hadn’t seen them in nearly three years!  the boys are all the same age and they had so much fun playing in the river and hanging out.  we miss you guys so much!

IMG_1188 IMG_1198 IMG_1205

i hope you had a lovely weekend!



around the house…

 IMG_5917 IMG_1120  IMG_5908 IMG_5892_Fotor_Collage

IMG_5922 IMG_1127 IMG_5930 IMG_5937

it’s been a busy couple of weeks around here.  last night, christopher and i took a break and went on a much-needed date and visited two of our favorite wineries and saw two great bands.  it was really nice to just hang out and drink wine and listen to music.  plus, i accidentally left my phone at home, so i couldn’t post or check in or anything.  it was refreshing and i plan on unplugging more often from now on.  the boys stayed with their cousin and had a wonderful time.

this week was also full of visits with family, meeting spiderman, kitty whiskers and i wound up working two shifts (yay!)

hope you have a wonderful week!