around the house…


it’s been a while since i posted.  i’ve been sick with a sinus infection for the last week and i haven’t done much of anything around here.  but now, i’m on the mend and we are getting ready for a visit from my parents this weekend.  we have been decorating for halloween, which may be our favorite holiday.  our regular home decor is a bit on the spooky/creepy side so, i don’t have to do much besides add some pumpkins and a garland or two.


the boys started their second year of preschool this week and i was able to get this picture.  harry said the sun was in his eyes and this is the best he could smile.  they totally dressed themselves too!

since i’ve been sick, i’ve been resting and spending a lot of time snuggling with the boys and leeloo the cat.  she purrs so loud and is super sweet. it’s gotten chilly at night and i’m thinking i need to dig out my fall/winter clothes soon and put away my summer things, but it’s been unseasonably warm during the day.  i can’t quite give up this beautiful, long summer just yet.

IMG_0007 IMG_0034

our farmer’s markets will only go for a few more weeks so, we are making use of them and getting lots of late summer veggies and early fall fruits.  a new restaurant opened in our neighborhood and we are planning a family outing for bbq and beers for the grown ups.  chrisopher and the boys went for the soft opening (i was super sick) and chris got this cute picture of jack jack wearing his indiana jones hat.

IMG_1422 IMG_6639this weekend we are going to go to a local farm and pick our pumpkins.  i’m excited that mom and dad will be with us for this fun outing.  and on sunday, we are going to an animatronic dinosaur event being held in our town.  we haven’t told the boys yet.  they are going to be super excited!

hope you all have a great weekend.




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