autumn on the air…


today is the first day of autumn.  maybe it’s the fact that i’m listening to the tori amos station on pandora and it’s full of a mix of tori, natalie merchant, florence + the machine and imogen heap, or it’s because the air is heavy with humidity and a few falling leaves, but i think fall might be settling in.  and i’m not sure how i feel about it.

the equinox snuck up on me and i didn’t celebrate the end of summer like i wanted to.  it doesn’t really feel like fall yet, though.  it rained a bit overnight, and it’s still warm outside.  it’s not chilly like it was a couple weeks ago.  i don’t want to acknowledge autumn until that morning crispness is in the air.


i am burning my new fall candle though.  i finally found a candle with an orange blossom scent that is an acceptable replica of the scent and didn’t break the bank. i grew up in phoenix and our house is surrounded by citrus trees: lemon, orange, tangerine, and grapefruit.  the citrus blossoms are my favorite scent in the world, and i am on a quest to find perfume and candles that come close to that memory scent for me.  anyway, i’m sitting here, typing, smelling the aroma and feeling pretty happy about my choice.


the garden is dying down.  there are a bunch of green tomatoes on the vines that i’m sure won’t ripen, so i will get my dear friend, felicia’s recipe for green tomato curry and send the tomatoes off in a coat of curry and saffron rice.  i put up the las of our ripe tomatoes and have some jars of heirloom tomato sauce to use this winter along with the pizza sauce and whole tomatoes i canned earlier this summer.  soon, i’ll pull out the plants and till under the soil to make room for new starts in the spring.  and it’s just one more month until we pick the pumpkins.

IMG_6635 IMG_6636

i have some projects on deck for myself and the boys and halloween decorations will go up soon.  i might like decorating for halloween more than i do for christmas. the boys still haven’t picked out their costumes yet.  they keep changing their minds, and i can’t bring myself to start making something if they won’t want to wear it next month.  we’ll see what they decide on.


the nights have been cool and we’ve been feeling cozy.  the boys are going to bed a bit earlier in preparation for school next month and christopher and i are getting to tuck in and watch our favorite shows premier.  it’s nice to snuggle up and just talk some nights too, while we listen to music.

how are you celebrating the first day of autumn?




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