s#%! my kids say…


it’s been a while since i updated this on the blog.  but, i was going through the notes on my iphone and found some gems.  i am noticing that i write down more funny things that jack says.  i don’t know if this is because he says more funny stuff than harry or if i’m just around when jack says this stuff.  regardless, i find them hilarious.

jack: mommy, our campsite is awesome…and exotic!

jack: watch out! i’m about to do something awful!

harry: (wrapping his arms around my neck) mommy, I love you.  me: i love you too, harry.   harry: i love farts

(this one’s from the summer) jack gets out of the pool, dripping wet, and grabs a bag of two day old movie popcorn and says, “dad, i’m eating some stinky popcorn.” then bursts into song and sings, “stinky pop, stinky pop, stinky pop!  i’m eating the stinky popcorn!”

jack: nick fury, a dragon is chasing me!  i’m a viking!

jack: i wish my dog had rocket boots.

jack: (coming downstairs when he should be sleeping but clearly isn’t) mama, i’m sleepywalking.

me: what are you guys doing? jack: i’m just hitting a ball with a lightsaber.

jack: i’m still disappearding.

me: do you want to be a beer salesman like daddy when you get big?   harry: no.  me: what do you want to be?  harry: (ponders) i can be iron man.

i hope you find these things as funny as we do.  do your kids say crazy things?  i’d love to hear the silly things they come up with!




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