some things that are pretty cool…


because i’m not quite awake yet, (yes, i know i’m posting this at noon, but i didn’t get home from work until 2 am and the littles were noisy this morning) i decided to do a post for you listing some things i found online this week that i thought were pretty cool.

the food website that i’m obsessing over. be sure to check out their shop and this super-cool item

what i’ll be eating for breakfast + lunch for the next few weeks!

something to do with all those old t-shrits

the perfect summer dinner

i really want to make these

hopping on the kimono trend with this d.i.y.

one of the cutest dresses i’ve seen in a long time

what i’ll be making with the plethora of eggplant in my garden

look at these gorgeous nail colors

drinking this tomorrow

IMG_3772have a happy weekend!




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