family mini break…

last night we got back home from a three-day family vacation at wallowa lake in oregon.  it was more of a mini-break, really, but we all had a wonderful time.  we spent our time hiking, fishing and playing in the lake.

IMG_1355 IMG_1353 IMG_1349the eagle cap wilderness is just lovely and we couldn’t have hoped for better weather.  the boys loved sleeping in the tent and each morning harry would exclaim, “mommy!  i woke up in my tent!”

the campground had a little play area nearby and the boys loved the climbing wall.

IMG_1338 IMG_1344 IMG_6414we went into the little town of joseph to do some sightseeing and eat some ice cream.  and, we wound up bringing home some treasures.  i found the world’s best mug and the boys chose jars filled with marbles.  you would have thought they had found nuggets of gold!  apparently, marbles make for the best treasures.  i’m kind of wishing i’d gotten some marbles!

IMG_6442 IMG_6440 IMG_6449there are deer in the area of the campground and apparently, they are very friendly and used to humans.  a young buck wandered into our campsite looking for a treat.  there are signs posted everywhere saying not to feed the deer and we were strict with putting away our food each night.  however, since we were packing up, the little guy thought we’d be an easy mark for some nibbles!  we grabbed the food off the table just in the nick of time.  the boys were mesmerized by a deer so close up!  jack wanted to ride him (which we explained would absolutely NOT happen) but he actually got close enough to touch it before it wandered off to the neighboring campsite.  wow!  nature up close and personal!

IMG_1371  IMG_1363 IMG_1368 IMG_1360on our way home yesterday, we stopped at terminal gravity brewing.  it is one of the brands christopher represents and we had a fantastic lunch.  ed, the owner, and kevin, their marketing manager made time to talk to us and thank christopher for his work on selling their beer.  the beers are outstanding and you should try to pick some up at your grocer!  their outdoor seating area is spectacular and we had lunch in a little aspen grove next to a stream.

10369895_10202186269849950_5478510722435140775_nthis was a refreshing and relaxing trip that our little family really needed.  i loved not being on my phone or the computer for a few days, although there was so much to attend to when we got back.  i’m already going to be reserving a campsite for next year.







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