in the morning…


i am not a morning person.  so, these last four years since the boys arrived have made me need to change my ways.  but, lately, i’ve noticed that they are sleeping in a little later (sometimes) and getting in our bed at night a bit less.  it’s kind of a mixed blessing.  on one hand, i love waking up next to my sleepy little boys, but on the other, it’s kind of nice to just wake up next to my husband.IMG_0933

most mornings, christopher gets up with the boys and does the morning routine, letting me get a couple more house of blessed sleep.  but some mornings, he needs to be out the door early and i’m on.  coffee is my best friend.  and pbs kids.  i can usually sneak in a cup while they are watching curious george or peg + cat.  plus, i can snuggle in bed with them while we all watch.  or, i will turn on the pandora radio and listen to the cat stevens, colin hay, half moon run or little comets stations.  IMG_2852

other mornings, they are busily at the kitchen table or on the floor doing important “projects” that usually involve cutting up construction paper into tiny pieces of confetti or building something with legos.

on rare occasions, i’m up at sunrise and feel rested enough to not just fall back into bed.  these mornings are magic.  it’s usually beautiful weather and i can enjoy my coffee on the porch and listen to the quiet of the neighborhood before the day begins.  every time i am up early on a day like that, i think that i need to reschedule myself and make this the norm.  i don’t know how that would work with me working nights, but it’s worth a shot, right?


aaahhh, bliss.  what is your favorite time of the day?




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