taking a leap…

lately i’ve been in a kind of limbo state.  being mostly laid off from my job (which i loved) at the beer shop has given me time to seek out new employment and time for my overactive brain to really mess with my emotions.  i have been in denial.  i didn’t (don’t) want to work anywhere else but the beer shop, but as my husband has said, “that ship has sailed.”  saturday was my last official day.  it was filled with good friends, customers and some music.  i even stayed after my shift and had a beer and listened to the musician.


i interviewed this last month for a job at a new taphouse opening up and at a local restaurant.  i like the thought of staying in the beer industry but i have some reservations.  on the other hand, i’ve never been a waitress but i would make more money at the restaurant.

i already said yes to the job at the taphouse and began training but today, the restaurant called to offer me the job.  i’ve been concerned that i won’t make enough in tips at the taphouse to make our food budget each month, so i just up and called the manager to get his thoughts.  he said that he thinks i should have no problem making my budget.  so, i need to take a leap.

i keep thinking of that scene in indiana jones and the last crusade where he has to take the “leap of faith” to get the holy grail.  i mean, this isn’t life or death for me.  it’s just a job, but i want to make sure my family is taken care of.

yeah, that is a little more dramatic than my situation, but i feel like i’m stepping out into the unknown here.  so, i’m gonna stick with the taphouse and here’s hoping that i can make ends meet.  i love pouring beer and i’m good at it, so at least there’s that.




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