one crazy summer…


does summer just seem so busy?  it feels like we have more going on in the summer than the school year!  most of our time is spent at home playing in the backyard, tending the garden, splashing in the pool, watching pbs kids and reading library books.  but the month of july is especially jam-packed for us.  starting off with the 4th of july, the month just cartwheels with events, parties and fun things.  the boys’ birthday is in july as well as christopher’s and my anniversary.  we have had the added bonus of christopher’s mom moving to town this summer and we have gotten in a lot of “grammie time.”  all of this fun is interspersed with going to the weekly “free summer kid movies” at the theater, weekly visits to the farmer’s markets and lots of cooking, canning and pickling!

 IMG_6208 IMG_5948 IMG_6212

the week of the 4th of july, our very best friends from california called to say they were (surprise!) in portland, adopting a baby!  we drove over to hood river and met them and had a wonderful day playing in the columbia river and eating at one of our favorite breweries.


the very next weekend, christopher’s company had a huge family day at an amusement park!  we miss most of his company’s parties because we live about 3 hours from the corporate headquarters, but we did all we could to attend this one!  we left at 6 in the morning to get to silverwood by 10 am.  i was not sure how the boys would do since it would be a really long day with a lot of driving and playing, but they were awesome!  they rode tons of rides, including some roller coasters, and we all rode the ferris wheel.  i do not like the ferris wheel.  for some reason, it scares the crap out of me.  i can ride the most brain-rattling upside-down roller coaster, but the ferris wheel makes me cry.  anyway, we all survived (and harry totally loved it.)

IMG_6182 IMG_6141 IMG_1226 IMG_6181 IMG_6160 IMG_6171

and this last weekend, we had a little birthday party for the boys with some family and neighborhood friends.  there was lots of splashing in the sprinkler and pool and lots of yelling and screaming and merry-making!

IMG_6237 IMG_1248 IMG_1270

this weekend, christopher and i are looking forward to having a night out to celebrate our 6th anniversary. all of this summer fun has left us all very tired!


i hope you are really enjoying your summer!




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