a “do-over” day…

do you ever have those days when you feel totally overwhelmed?  today is one of those for me.  long story short: i found out that my insurance never approved the claim for my hysterectomy surgery (that i had nearly 18 months ago) and the bills i’ve been painstakingly paying off each month were just for my dr. and not the hospital.  i had been told that i was being billed and paying on bills from both the hospital and my dr.  now, i am facing another $1000+ bill.  just when i was about to finally have my surgery paid off.


i keep thinking that this shouldn’t be bothering me.  i am so blessed in my life.  i have a wonderful, sexy, hardworking husband who loves me and our boys to the moon and back; we have a home; the boys are healthy and smart.  but i am feeling the pinch of being laid off and having much less money in the bank account.  and, today, i feel like this new development is insurmountable.

however, i need to change my way of thinking.  there is nothing i can do about this but wait for the new bill and set up payments.  i’m still looking for a new job and i can concentrate on keeping my eyes and ears open for new opportunities.  i can make due and make the best of things.

life has definitely handed me enough lemons for some lemonade.  but, i think i’ll use them for a gin and tonic instead.



pic is a cute little coaster from the wall sticker company on etsy


One thought on “a “do-over” day…

  1. Grr… that is frustrating. I think I know how you feel. My chimney leaked and cracked and is not covered by the house insurance as it is due to ‘wear and tear’ rather than a chimney fire or storm damage. It needs to be rebuilt at a cost of €4000 which I don’t have! I hate those blasted insurance companies. Think i’ll get myself a G&T also. 🙂

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