the summer list…


now that it is officially summer (yay!), i’ve been thinking about how i want to use my time and what to do with myself and the boys. school ended for them in the middle of may, and i am down to working only a couple days a week, if that, so, we have some extra time on our hands.  on top of that, christopher’s mom moved to town from santa rosa and we are looking forward to spending lots of time with grammie now.

IMG_5683 IMG_5732

in thinking of what i want the summer to be, i started to think back on my summers as a kid and to what made them so great.  it seemed like my sister and i never were in the house, which is ludicrous because we lived in arizona and it is hot as blazes, so i know we couldn’t have been outside all the time – we would’ve died of heatstroke!  but, in my mind, we played outside all. the. time.  swimming at my aunt and uncle’s house was another favorites summer past time.  and the drive-in movie.


so, i started to come up with a list of things i want to do and things that would be fun to do as a family.  i think it’s important to have some “me time” scheduled in here too, because, it is summer, after all!  i wanted to have some ideas in my back pocked for things to do on any given day and some ideas for when we get bored.  i want the boys to remember summers as free-for-all-fun-times.

IMG_1090 IMG_5628

anyway, here is my running list.  it’s not set in stone and it is not something that i am setting out to check off, one at a time.  it is just something to make me remember what summer is all about.

~ basking in the sun as much as possible (wearing this sunscreen, of course!)

~ living in the inflatable pool in the backyard

~ swimming lessons for the boys

~ eating from the garden as much as possible

~ hitting the farmer’s market once a week

~ taking advantage of the free/cheap kids movies at the theater

~ downtown walks as many evenings as possible

~ hanging out and drinking wine/beer with my girlfriends

~ once-a-month dates with christopher (at least once-a-month!)

~ lots of visits with grammie and the cousins

~ music practice with christopher on the front porch

~ cooking on the grill as much as possible

~ fun manicures and pedicures (and keeping my heels smooth!)

~ drying the clothes on the line in the backyard all summer long

~ going to the free concert in the park on thursdays

~ reading as many books from the library as we can

~ staying up late for the 4th of july fireworks

~ tent camping at least once this summer

~ cool outside art projects like this one and this one

~ pickling and preserving the garden bounty


what is on your summer list?





One thought on “the summer list…

  1. I grew up and live in Phoenix and I remember being outside all.the.time as a kid-but how? It’s so hot here! The older I get, the hotter it is! My summer list includes going out of town to bask in the cooler temps! 😉 And air conditioning. And swimming!

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