a note on cutting one’s own hair…

don’t freak out.  ok, if you are my hairstylist friends, you probably won’t heed this warning.  and you’ll be pissed at me.  but, we are friends and i know you will still love me.

so, with the losing my job thing and all (more to come on that subject in a little bit) we have been trying to figure out ways to save money.  we’ve cut our expenses and bills as much as possible, reassessed our insurances, stopped eating out, stopped shopping for ourselves and loads of other things.

but, i needed a haircut.  i’ve been growing my hair out for the last couple years and it was to the point where it was really scraggly.  the ends were crunchy and it was getting heavy and hot.  now, my hair was by no means really long, just past my shoulders, but for me it was reeealllly long.  so, in true d.i.y. fashion, i looked on pinterest for “how to cut your own hair” tutorials.  i found this one from the blog and then we saved.  and let me just say, “awesome-sauce!”  i’m now following this blog too.   anna is fantastic!

of course, since i am impetuous and don’t really think ahead, i didn’t take a “before” picture.  this is as close as you get to one and it was taken a few weeks ago:


it’s blurry and generally a bad shot, but hey, there was no one around today to take any “before” or “during” shots.

anyhoo, i followed the tutorial along and just didn’t worry about the results.  i knew i didn’t want to take too much off, and i cut it longer than i wanted to, to begin with.  i could always go shorter!  i wound up cutting about 2 1/2 inches off.

and, here is the result:

IMG_5748 IMG_5751

and the back (courtesy of my husband):


i have to say that i think this cut works well with the bit of natural wave i have in my hair.  i am not sure i would have been able to pull off cutting my own hair if i had pin-straight hair.  the wave is forgiving and i like the choppiness of the cut.  i used a bit of bumble and bumble thickening contour creme for some definition.  i love this stuff (and this is NOT a sponsored post…i just really love this product! hey, bumble and bumble, call me maybe.)


next time, i promise i’ll take more pictures.

do you d.i.y. anything that is more commonly left to the professionals?




2 thoughts on “a note on cutting one’s own hair…

  1. Good for you! I love it! I’ve never been brave enough to cut my own, but I love the challenge of cutting the boys’ hair. DIY is liberating 🙂

  2. good for you!!! and can i tell you i’ve been craving a lemon loaf since your post? i didn’t have ricotta but tonight i found a recipe for a lemon yogurt loaf so i made it and i am now eating it with coffee in bed while catching up on blogs. so happy. thanks for sharing your craving with me. 🙂

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