a cake of the mondays: lemon ricotta cake


yesterday was warm.  one of those days where we tried not to turn on the air conditioner, but we gave in and did it anyway.  it probably could have been avoided if i hadn’t decided to bake a cake of the mondays.  but when i ran across this recipe from the blog simply scratch, i could not resist.

IMG_1083 IMG_1078

this recipe calls for meyer lemons, but i didn’t want to run to the store and i had a ton of regular lemons.  plus, i wanted a cake with more tartness than the meyers impart because christopher had made some vanilla ice cream the other day and i thought the zippiness of the lemons would go really well with the ice cream.  that was the only substitution i made.  this is a really straightforward recipe and was easy enough for one of the boys to help me make.  and of course, he needed a taste!

IMG_5718 IMG_5719

give this recipe a shot.  i love the use of the ricotta in this cake.  it is soooo moist!  the glaze gives it a sweet kiss, without being frosting-y sweet; it is dense like a pound cake, but light and lemony, so it’s a perfect summer evening snack.  or summer breakfast…or lunch.  trust me, this cake won’t last very long because it’s so tasty!




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