our little slice of downtown…


the last few nights we have been going on walks around our neighborhood with the boys after dinner.  now that they are out of school for the summer and we moved their bedtime up (it gets dark so late here in the summer) and the weather is glorious right now, it is the perfect time to have a little stroll around our neighborhood.


we live about ten blocks from downtown kennewick and it’s not too far for the boys to walk.  plus, it’s a great way for them to expend some energy before bath and bed!


they like to pick up their “walk treasures” and we come home with leaves, dandelion fluff, rocks, pinecones and often, bugs.  jack brought home a caterpillar last night.  harry decided that if he hid in this tree we would not be able to see him.


this is one of the things i love best about living, as my friend says, “in the dreamy part of kennewick.”  her description is perfect.  it is gentrified, laid-back (we see lots of neighbors sipping wine on their front porches as we walk by) and everyone is super friendly.  harry and jack like to yell, “hey man!  how’s your day?” to everyone as we pass and everyone always answers them.


do you love your hometown?  what is your favorite part of where you live?





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