around the house…

IMG_5573 IMG_5565 IMG_5561 preschool IMG_5602 IMG_5576 IMG_5605 IMG_5513

last week was the last week of the boys’ first year in preschool so i’ve been busy and a little weepy.  here are some snapshots from the last week or so around the house.  from the top:

we had a gorgeous rainstorm the other night that resulted in a beautiful double rainbow / some of the flowers in our newly planted front flower beds and pots / harry in the garden / the boys first day of preschool compared with their last / i can’t get enough of this sweet little ginger kitten! / the boys cousin gave us a spiderman costume, so we are marvel-ing out every day / hanging with my “gnomies” that the boys got me for mother’s day.

i’m off to eat mac ‘n’ cheese in the backyard and play with the boys on this gorgeous afternoon.




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