my pandora radio is super creepy and listening to me…

do you listen to pandora radio?  we do, all the time, and i’m now convinced that it is listening to us!

i know that sounds crazy, but let me explain:

a couple months ago, we were hanging out in the kitchen when one of the pictures in the living room fell off the wall (probably from the boys throwing their toys around) and the glass broke, flying all over the living room.  immediately after it fell, the rolling stones shattered started playing.  this was creepy enough for us to stop what we were doing and pause to think about what had just happened.

then, a few weeks ago, i was telling chris how harry had said to me, “mommy, you have a big, gigantic bottom” and, just then,  fat bottomed girls by queen started playing.  we couldn’t stop laughing!

then, just today, i got home from work and was telling chris about my day and how i was totally stressing out about work when bobby mcferrin’s don’t worry. be happy came on pandora.  christopher said, “if three little birds comes on next, we will know that pandora is trying to tell you something.”  and guess what…it totally came on next!


does your pandora radio or spotfy play weirdly appropriate songs at just the right moment?




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