a note on mother’s day…



i am blessed to have very strong women in my life.  my mother is a kick-ass stay-at-home mom who ran the parts counter at my dad’s motorcycle shop and also runs her home like a boss and like it is her job (because it totally is) and i grew up next door to my paternal grandparents.  my grandma ruth owned her own drapery business with her sister in the 60’s and 70’s and decorated some of the most prominent homes in the phoenix area.  later, my maternal grandmother moved to phoenix from california, a few mile from our home, and worked at the local library and gardened like the master gardener she was.

IMG_5234 grandma jerry

i grew up with these women surrounding me, teaching me to love, live, work and create using my strengths and taking no shit from anyone.  i learned that being a women meant being true to myself and my strengths.  that it was powerful to be a woman.  that there were men in the world that unapologetically respected strong women (thank you daddy, papa earl and my husband christopher) and that i could do anything i wanted.  i learned to bake, cook, sew, garden, hammer nails, use power tools, build anything i put my mind to, fix the house, and build my first car.  all while being captain of the cheer squad, vice president of the student council and salutatorian of the graduating class.

me jack kisses

i could never haver become what i am now if it were not for the example of these women in my life.  my sister is the most amazing mother and college professor.  my mom runs a tight ship at home, showering us with love and light,  and, together with daddy, made our life happy and comfortable. my grandma ruth kept papa earl in line – and that was a feat in itself (miss you so much papa.)  grandma jerry began a life on her own after the sudden death of papa john and made every minute count.  i learned the values of hard work, commitment and love.

heather IMG_3168 IMG_5374

now, i have the example of my mother-in-law, carole (who was and is an amazing single mom) and christopher’s sisters who are all amazing mothers and women.  my nieces are all strong and confident young women.  my best friends, shane, chelle and felicia are amazing, mothers; working like none other to make their families happy and successful.  these are things i try to implement in my life and in how christopher and i raise our boys.  my hope as a mother is to raise my boys with a respect and reverence for the power of women. to treat women no differently than they would men.  to be respectful and kind to everyone, regardless of gender.

carole me and mom

i would not be where i am without the women in my life.  to you i give my thanks, love and heartfelt respect.  thank you from the bottom of my soul.


love and cheers!



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