erin and the giant pants…

today i wore giant pants.  not giant in the, falling-off-needed-a-belt kind of giant, but these were some wicked, wide-leg pants.  jack jack actually said, “mommy, i love your pretty skirt” and then when he saw they were pants, he said, “those are some tricky pants you have on, mommy!”


i really wasn’t sure when i found them at target, and i didn’t even try them on at the store, figuring i could return them if they were horrible.  but, you know what?  they are awesome!  they fit great and are super comfy.  i feel like i’m secretly wearing my pi’s to work but i look really put together.  they work with black, white or grey shirts.  i hemmed them to work with heels or flats.  the fabric hangs nicely, washes great, and they have pockets – the #1 feature i look for in pants.  pockets.

these pants also made me realize something:  i am totally at the point in my life where i am comfortable wearing exactly what i want and i don’t care what anyone else thinks.  i don’t care that i still look like i’m pregnant.  i had twins dammit!  i earned this belly!  i love my boobs.  i love the way my hair looks right now.  i love my tattoos.

christopher very nicely said that they are not his favorite pants.  that’s ok.  he’s not allowed to borrow them 😉

do you have a favorite or signature piece of clothing that you wear, everyone else be damned?  something that makes you feel fierce, strong, confident?  i’d love to hear what it is!





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