my favorite chef…


do you have a favorite chef?  that one person who’s meals you gravitate towards and who you swear has never steered you wrong and who’s every recipe is delicious?

i do.

jamie oliver is mine.  i knew about the naked chef (swoon) way back when, but i never cooked any of his recipes until i was pregnant with the twins and living on the couch for the last month of my pregnancy.  i started watching jamie at home.  it was his show where he tromped about his garden and would cook dishes in his fab kitchen or right out in the veg patch!  it also made me want to move to essex, but that’s another post!

christopher bought me the jamie at home cookbook and that started my collection.


i love his philosophy of cooking.  use fresh, high-quality ingredients. keep it simple.  cook with your family.  eat good food.

the pictures in his cookbooks are glorious and the food can’t be beat.


some of my favorite dishes are the mothership tomato salad (pg 232 of the jamie at home cookbook), pizza fritta (i swear by his pizza dough and sauce recipes), oozy mushroom risotto (pg 64 of the meals in minutes cookbook), mustard chicken and his best roast leg of lamb. here is a pic of the lamb i did for our supper club.

supper club 3

i plan out our meals a month at a time and the recipes are easy to plan for and source ingredients.  we grow a lot of our own food in the summer here, so getting fresh veggies is a matter of walking into the garden and bringing in a full basket.  my boys are loving cooking with us and show a real interest in our garden.


he is also revolutionizing school food programs and the way people approach food.  if you haven’t already, check out jamie oliver’s food revolution -blow your mind!   i follow his website – i love the recipe of the day – and his instragram.

ok, and just to clarify, this is not a sponsored post.  i just really love his cookbooks and the meals.

who’s your favorite chef?  do you have a go-to favorite meal?




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