just put on a record…


you know this feeling: that moment when you are perfectly content and then something happens that throws you for a loop.  how do you deal with things in life that don’t fit into your plan?

i listen to music.  music is the story of the events in my life.  counting crows august and everything after reminds me of breaking up with my first boyfriend back in high school.  pearl jam ten, the angst of being a teenager in the 90’s; mazzy star, the etherial lightness that i recognized in my soul during that same period.

bob dylan, led zeppelin and tom petty are the soundtrack now.  i find that i have returned to the classics as i get older. but i mix in some new bands too: little comets, vampire weekend, the black keys and mumford & sons are all so danceable and now part of the rotation.  and when i need some serious girl-power, it’s imelda may, eilen jewell and valerie june.

this song reminds me to keep on keeping on – even when things don’t go according to plan.

learning to fly by tom petty and the heartbreakers




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