it was a good day…


yesterday was one of the nicest days with my boys.  which is weird, because harry was starting to get sick (which would normally make everyone a cranky mess) and it was the day after easter (sugar crash day), but it was such a lovely day.

the day started off at, like, 5 am with the boys in our bed.  jack was kicking like he was pedaling for the win in the tour de france and harry was nestled in quietly beside christopher.  this was after a sleepless night where the cat thought it was a good idea to bring her newborn kitten up on our bed three separate times during the night!   needless to say, there was not much sleep.  but today there were lots of snuggles and lots of quiet time with all of us tucked into mommy and daddy’s bed watching dinosaur train and daniel tiger.


then, harry decided that he needed a nap at 3:30 and tucked himself in his bed without telling either of us (such a big boy) and slept until 7:30, completely missing dinner.  this is how i know he is more-than-just-a-cold sick.  he woke up and snuggled with his brother and then took a short bath before getting into bed again!


a few minutes later, i heard one of them coming down the stairs but whoever it was didn’t come all the way down to our family room in the basement to find us.  i went upstairs to check and saw that harry had tucked himself in my bed and said, “mommy, i need to sleep in your bed.  can you watch a movie with me?  i need to watch star wars.”  you bet, little man.

daddy and i snuggled in and had some ice cream and star wars with harry before he finally conked back out.


this morning we found out harry has strep throat.  which means, we will probably all get it.

it was a good day no matter.


p.s. of course, i didn’t take any pictures yesterday, so these are some of my favorite “snuggly” pictures of the boys from the past year.




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