my love affair with chalkboard paint


when we bought the house i started painting.  if you read one of my recent posts, you know that i love painting.  it’s soothing to me and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

one of the first things the boys did was color on the back door in chalk.  it was so cute that i wanted to give them a few places in the house where they could use chalk and unleash their creativity.  i got a little crazy with chalkboard paint.  my favorite is the black valspar because it is so thick and goes on beautifully.   IMG_4343

i painted the interior of our back door (which is in the kitchen), the ends of the base cabinets in the kitchen and the coffee table in the living room.  if my husband hadn’t vetoed the idea, all my cabinets would be painted in chalkboard paint! even the adults get into the action.  my friend did the “menu” art at the top of the door and i’ve never erased it because it is so pretty!IMG_4257

IMG_0479   IMG_3381

the boys’ things have always been a part of our everyday life and are integrated into the decor of the house because i think it’s important that they have their toys and art supplies readily available.  i try not to hide their stuff away (well, maybe a basket or two on the shelves in the living room.)

they have so much fun with the chalk surfaces.  i find little drawings all the time and they are starting to practice writing their letters and numbers.  plus, when they get chipped or grimy, i can roll on a new coat and freshen up the surfaces.


do you integrate your kids’ stuff into your decorating style?  or,do you decorate around your kids or to your own style and give them their own space somewhere in the house?

hope you have a great easter weekend.




3 thoughts on “my love affair with chalkboard paint

  1. My daughter had a chalkboard wall in her room for a long time and loved it! I am a painter so my children – when younger – always had murals in their bedrooms. I also went through a stage where I repainted hobby horses too. So I had my husband affix one of the hobby horses to my daughter’s wall and then I painted an old-fashioned carousel around her entire room.
    You seem like an awesome mom!
    Have a great weekend!

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