around the house this week…




it was a busy/lazy/crazy week last week.  we were on spring break so we spent as much time in the yard as we could and i got a bug to paint the living room and dining room, so i painted and they boys played.  we’ve been getting some glorious spring weather – finally – and we all love being in the dirt.  chris and i also took the boys to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend too.  it was really great and i love that we can go to movies as a family (even if the price kills us!)


this is “cornelius” our newest house plant


the boys tore up the heart window jellies, so i made a mock stained glass


on my best friend’s suggestion, i painted the window trim in the dining room black – and i love it with the white walls, and unfinished wood table and shelves!

IMG_5356i love my hair in this picture (and i am not loving my long hair right now, so it was nice to actually like it one day.)


i got some air plants and these cool terrarium bubbles to put them in.


the boys in a sweet little moment of brotherly love and silliness.  they also dressed themselves.


being in the dirt is their very favorite thing right now.  they are filthy every day when they come in from playing!


iron butterfly? this makes me so happy.

how was your weekend?  did you do anything fun?




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