i love painting.


weird, right?

i find it supremely cathartic and relaxing.  every once in a while i get a bug to paint.  maybe it comes from always being in a rental (even when i was a child) or maybe it is just the act of putting a fresh coat of paint on a wall.  covering up what was there.  starting fresh.

i’ve been looking at lots of interior design blogs and just love the look of stark white walls that let decorations pop.  when we moved into our craftsman style home – almost two years ago! – we really loved the period wall colors.  all but the burgundy wall and the not-so-period bright red bathroom.  i painted those immediately; a kelly green to cover the burgundy in the living room and a taupey-greyish-almost purple in the bathroom.  the bathroom color is “eiffel tower” so, that was a no-brainer.


but this weekend i went out and bought some bright white to paint the kitchen and living room – all except the green walls.  it has made such a difference!  our house has a lot of natural light, especially in the kitchen, but the white walls make a wonderful difference!

wall before after

wall before after 2

a little before/after action.  it really brightened the place up.  especially the hallway.

christopher and i also undertook a rather onerous project:  we had these HORRIBLE cornices in the dining nook over the windows and i’ve hated them since we bought the place.  however, we couldn’t figure out how to detach them from the walls!  we finally took a hammer to them and pried them off the walls!  i hung shelves and am so much happier with the look.  i haven’t finished painting.  the windows need a coat of gloss white and the living room is 1/2 done.  but it’s a start.

kitchen before after

see the horrible cornices in the first pic?

ahhh, bliss.

here are some blogs with gorgeous interiors:

i love everything about this room.

everything is so white and fresh!

love me some painted brick.

all the colors!

THIS SOFA! i’m dying…

i want to sleep here every night.

second picture = my shelf inspiration


happy daydreaming!



p.s. the BEAUTIFUL family photos on the wall were taken by my dear friend michelle ellis of michelle ellis photography.


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