sometimes you just need to make something…


i’ve been felling blue lately.  i think it’s because we got back from bright, sunny arizona and it’s still kind of chilly and drizzly here at home.  but, i can usually tell when i am slipping into a funk and i decided to be proactive and craft something just for myself.

i have been holding on to all the artwork the boys are making at home and at school.  one of jack’s favorite things is to paint, so i have a TON of paintings from him and harry.

when i was reading the blogs i follow, i found this tutorial on for making geometric mobiles and i thought that would be a perfect way to showcase the boys’ art and get me on the road to getting out of my funky mood.


i took a couple boxes from some fruit snacks and cut them apart with a box knife according to the tutorial’s instructions.  i taped them together with packing tape and then, i mixed up some papier mâché mix from flour, water and salt.  i put on some torn up newspaper and let them dry on the windowsill in the sun that finally poked out!

IMG_5280 IMG_5282

IMG_5283 IMG_5284

when they were dry, i watered down some white glue to thin it out.  i tore up some of the boys’ paintings and used the glue to stick them to the triangles.  i painted the triangles and the back of the torn up paintings to get a good stick, overlapping the paintings to cover the whole shape.

IMG_5285 IMG_5286

while these were drying, i took a piece of driftwood that we found on our first family vacation a couple years ago and drilled five holes in it with a tiny drill bit.  i can’t remember what size i used and i forgot to take pictures of that part.  i didn’t measure spacing on this part either; i just eyeballed it.  i took some thin silver embroidery thread and strung it through the holes i’d drilled.  then I played with the length of each thread and the configuration of the triangles until i came up with the arrangement you see in the pictures.  i took some more thread and attached it to the sides of the wood to make a hanger and hung it on a cup hook screwed into the ceiling.  only after hanging it, did i realize that i could see the unfinished insides of the triangles.  so, i cut some more triangles of their art and glued them in the insides.  fin!



 IMG_5306 IMG_5307

it isn’t much, but i like how it turned out and i love having the boys’ art up where we can enjoy it.  and, now that it’s hanging, i think i want to string some tiny bells inside each one so it makes a lovely sound.

what kinds of things do you do to combat the blues?




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