cake of the mondays: st. patrick’s edition…


i know it’s thursday and i am behind on my posting.  but, i did make a “cake of the mondays.”  i just didn’t get to post it until now.  we had another round of ickiness on tuesday after preschool and the boys having the flu for the first time took most of my attention away.

they are better now and i’ve had a chance to get my pics together from making our cake.  i chose to make nigella lawson’s guinness cake which is a favorite in our house and it works out especially well for st. patrick’s day.  i usually make it as-is, but i changed it up a bit, this time.  i love guinness, but i wanted a beer that had a little more punch.  so, i chose the elysian split shot espresso milk stout.  and, man, am i glad i did!  it was perfect!  the cake turned out so moist and you could really taste the creamy, coffee notes from the beer!  plus, the pint left over after using the cup for the cake was all mine and it was truly divine!


cake 1

i also change the frosting a bit.  i like the cream cheese frosting she does as it is, but for st. paddy’s day, i like to add some baileys irish cream to the mix.

cake 2


i think it turned out smashing. have you ever made this cake?  what did you think?  do you have a favorite “holiday” cake or recipe?




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