vacation: crazy or crazy-good?

we took a road trip last week.  1200 miles each way to arizona and back. in the car. with the boys.  it seemed like a good idea because i have really fond memories of taking road trips on vacation, and because we haven’t had a proper vacation in over two years, and because i have horrible memories of flying with the boys when they were 9 months old.


so, i did a lot of pinterest research on road trips with littles and prepared as best as we could.  things that worked: cookie sheet trays covered in chalkboard paint with velcro straps to fix onto their carseats; movies on the iPad; snack bucket between their seats and hotels with swimming pools.  Things that didn’t work: magnets for their trays–jack started eating them; toy bucket between the seats–everything wound up on the floor of the car; window jellies–also tossed on the floor after being torn to shreds; coloring books and stickers–jack ate those too; headphones for the iPad–the ones we got didn’t work at all (apparently, “noise reducing” means you can’t hear any movie dialogue. but we got new ones in phoenix.)

but, we got there safely and the boys were troopers.  i mean, real superstars!  they didn’t have any real meltdowns and chris and i didn’t fight either!  we saw some beautiful scenery as we traveled through 6 states.

IMG_5146 IMG_5242


our visit was relaxing and full of time with family that we haven’t seen in several years.  my grandma just turned 90 and it was wonderful to see her with the boys.  i also was able to reconnect with some friends i hadn’t seen since jr. high and high school!  it was really wonderful. the boys played in the sun outside every day, got to see my dad and uncle’s motorcycle shop and we all went to the zoo.  harry said his favorite part was  petting the sting rays and jack said his favorite part was the car ride!  they crack me up.

IMG_5152 IMG_5194 IMG_5193 IMG_5205 IMG_5213 IMG_5234 IMG_5215

we got home a little earlier than expected on sunday, so we unloaded quickly and sat down with a nice pint on the front porch.





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