i’m back…sort of…

so, i’ve been out of the loop for a couple weeks and i have really been horrible at posting.  like, not posting at all.  i absolutely love blogging, but my family is my first priority and blogging takes a back seat–even the cake of the mondays.


we are currently on a 1200 mile road trip with the boys to see my family in arizona and are getting ready to return home tomorrow.  two days in the car each way has been crazy interesting.  they were little troopers for the first half of the trip and i’m sure they’re going to do great on the way home.  i will post lots of pictures and my sanity-saving tips as soon as we get back into our home routine.

before we left on vacation, we all got the plague.  super horrible flu/colds.  that kept the cake of the mondays on the back burner for a couple weeks.  that too will make it’s return to the blogosphere when we get home.


the best part of our family road trip vacation has been seeing my family and friends that we don’t see except every few years.  visiting with grandma, who just turned 90, was a special treat.  the boys got to ride on papa’s motorcycles and we all went to the zoo.  the weather in arizona is glorious!  harry has been a little blue since it’s been so cold and dreary at home, so he has been especially excited to bask in the warm sunshine.  we needed this decompression time since we haven’t taken a real vacation in two years.


anyhoo, i will be back at it in full in about a week or so.




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