a cake of the mondays: valentine’s week edition…



today’s “cake of the mondays” is a valentine’s edition, which means that i used my heart shaped pans again.  really, though, do i need an excuse to use those cute cake pans?



i thought about making nigella lawson’s guinness cake with bailey’s frosting that i usually do for valentine’s day, but christopher really loves lemon so i found this recipe from martha stewart.  i modified it a bit and i’ll tell you how, but this is the basic recipe i used:

martha stewart lemon cake recipe with whipped frosting.


this cake is super lemony.  i love it!  it was a big hit with the kids and christopher.  i made the cake according to the directions and brushed with the lemon syrup when it was warm out of the oven.


look at these amazing candied lemon slices!  i made sure to take the seeds out, which the instructions did not talk about.


when the cake was totally cool, i spread a thick layer of lemon curd (store bought) on the bottom layer and laid the top layer over it.  then i spread a very thin layer of curd on the top cake.  i gave it a bit to set before frosting the cake.  i glopped the frosting on and still had leftover!  then i laid on the candied lemon slices. ta da!


something i wanted to do was make a cute little valentine’s day decoration for the cake, so i drew hearts on some craft paper and wrote a word on each heart to spell out a line from our wedding song.  we danced to ben harper’s not fire, not ice so i used the line “nothing can keep me from loving you.”  i colored the hearts with the boys’ crayons and cut them out, glued them to some embroidery floss and tied the whole thing to two skewer sticks.  it turned out better than i thought it would!





i really need to do better at backgrounds and photographing my projects.  anyway, MAKE THIS CAKE!  it is delicious.

i hope you try this cake and let me know what you thought of it.




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