little hearts…

i was looking for something fun and valentine-y to do today and this is probably the most easy project the boys and i’ve ever done.  it requires 4 supplies and really very little patience.


my mom sent these little foam hearts in the mail to the boys and i thought a conversation heart garland would be fun.  for this project you will need:


a pack of foam hearts (they came in pink, red purple and white — or you could just cut your own out of some of sheets of craft foam), silver sharpie marker, hole punch and some yarn.

just punch two holes in each heart — i punched them at the top of each “hump.”  write traditional conversation hearts sayings on each heart, or just make up your own.  this is a good thing to have a big kid do for you, but the marker can get kind of smelly, so be careful or do it yourself.  when the sayings were all done, i just handed the hearts to my toddlers and had them thread the yarn through the holes.  i put a bit of tape on the ends of the yarn to make them easier to thread.

they  had fun, but they didn’t really string them on so i could hang the garland, so i had to re-do them.  they boys didn’t care.  they thought it looked lovely.

see, wasn’t that easy?

here’s a little valentine for you from me:





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