ready for spring…

it is 2 degrees here right now.  2. not even 20.  20 might be our high today, but no guarantees.  the sun is coming out, but the bitter cold is doing me in.  the boys can’t play outside but we are doing lots of fun inside projects.  i am anxiously awaiting spring, and i keep looking longingly at the bouquets at the grocery store.  something i’ve done lately is look back at my instagram feed and linger over the flower pictures i’ve taken.  here are some i love that get me in the mood for spring…

 IMG_3134 IMG_3257 IMG_3737 IMG_4868


and basil totally counts.

here are some things on the web that are also getting me in the mood for spring:

i saw this dinosaur garden on fun at home with kids and will certainly have to make one this spring with the boys.

a nice little bit of gardening advice, but mostly i’m going to make this herb garden from our hanging fruit basket.

i want to get about five chickens this spring.  this is a good resource for building a backyard coop.

this playhouse!

what a cute idea for a little climbing bean fort from lilliedale.




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