handmade valentines…


today we painted hearts.  i had gotten a pack of doily hearts at michael’s on a whim and we needed a project today, so watercolor hearts it was.

IMG_4912 IMG_4914 IMG_4913

i just taped them to some yarn i had and stuck them up on our ugly cornice in the kitchen.  i just love them.  it’s been so icky outside this past few weeks and we’ve been really missing the sun, so it was super exciting when it poked out for a few minutes today after i hung the hearts.  they caught the light and i opened all the blinds to let in as much sun as possible.


i think they look like prayer flags and they make me smile every time i walk into the kitchen.


do you celebrate valentine’s day?  how do you celebrate the people you love?  here are some other cool valentine’s day things i’ve found recently.

a cute carved initial candle for your sweetie via henry happened.  i made a black one for christopher.

i would hang this adorable heart garland all year round.

this would be a cute decoration for a little valentine’s party.

i will definitely be making this “red valentine” cocktail via the stylish type.




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