the “cake” of the mondays…


today is national chocolate cake day.  today is also monday.  how delightful that a national cake day fell on a monday!

christopher recently said to the boys, during a particularly grumpy monday, that quote from Office Space: “sounds like someone has a case of the mondays.”  the boys thought this was hilarious and jack turned to me as i was making this cake and said, “mommy, you’re making a cake of the mondays.”  so the idea for this series is totally credited to jack jack.


i found this delicious cake on a blog i love,  her blog is just lovely and sublime and you should definitely read it.  every day.  you can find the cake recipe here.  it’s an ina garten barefoot contessa cake recipe with a basil buttercream frosting.  it looked so delectable, and the boys were so cranky, i just had to make it.  i’m so thankful that i saw this cake on  it is going to make the regular rotation in our home.

the next time i make it, i’m going to play with the frosting.  i love rosemary and lavender and i think they would be lovely with the vanilla.  or maybe lemon zest and candied lemon slices on top.  the possibilities are endless…


monday is just such a great day for cake.  back to work, the drudgery of starting a new week, and what could be better than a cake when you get home?  also, cake for breakfast on tuesday is not a bad idea.  i think a monday cake makes the week seem nicer.  i will be making one every monday, so keep a look out for my cake of the mondays series.

what is your favorite kind of cake?

here are some wonderful food things i’ve been reading on the interwebs lately:

i think i could drink 40 gallons of cider per year.  could you?

this is a great way to do brussels sprouts.

i made this for dinner the other night and totally forgot to add the sage!

the most deicious chocolate cookies. ever.

happy monday.  now, go have some cake.




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