vacation planning…


christopher and i didn’t take a vacation at all last year.  we didn’t even get to the north american organic brewer’s festival — which we’ve gone to ever year for the past 6 years except the year the boys were born.  but this year, we are going on vacation.  as a family.  more than once.

beer fest

i just finished booking our reservations for a camp spot at the glorious wallow lake in eastern oregon.  it’s not too far a drive, it has a fabulous lake and lots of fun things to do, not to mention terminal gravity brewery in enterprise, oregon, right on the way there.

i really want to teach the boys to fish. there is a great little creek running through the campground with lots of trout.  i was about their age when i first started fishing and they’ve been asking lots of questions about where meat comes from.  i’m pretty sure jack thinks when an animal dies it magically turns into food, so this will be a very eye-opening experience for them.


christopher and i want to make sure we are taking the time as a family to travel and experience our summer vacations.  this spring, we are planning to drive to phoenix to see my family.  we contemplated flying, but getting on a plane with twins is a nightmare (we did it once when the boys were nine months old) and we think driving will be better and we can take our time.  we are planning on going the utah route for it’s scenic beauty and the fact that we can stop at uinta brewery and squatter’s along the way.  we are also going to be going to the north american organic brewer’s festival this year, come hell or high water, because it’s portland, organic beer, family-friendly, and in the mississippi.  we go with our friends and it’s a great time.


since it’s been so long since we’ve gone on an actual vacation with the boys, we are a bit out of practice.  any tips you have for mega-car-traveling with small children are appreciated!

here are some blogs and pictures of places on my “wanderlust list” (which you can see on my pinterest feed on the traveling wilburys board) and some other things i like to look at about traveling:

a great camping with kids checklist

a weekend away in a treehouse.  can you just imagine? via creature comforts

i’m pretty sure my fairy godmother lives here

these pictures are the washington cascades.  and also, hello, the blog name is f-ing fantastic!

this is my dream




2 thoughts on “vacation planning…

  1. i know we are super close to your final destination, and i know you might want to just be there already, but if you end up stopping or needing a place to stay or even just want to grab a beer at a kid friendly brewery, you know we’d love to see you and meet la familia! i haven’t seen heather in so long either! excited for your travels!

    1. pam,

      yes! one of the reasons we want to drive through utah is that it drops us off in flag and we would love to meet your babies and see you and luke. i’m not sure if you guys have even met my husband! a beer at a family friendly brewery sounds just perfect. i’ll get my phone number and email to you and we can plan some family fun!

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