my birthday weekend in portland…

the week between christmas and new year, christopher asked me what i wanted for my birthday.  i casually replied that i wanted to go to mcmenamins edgefield just outside portland, oregon (i think i said, “for three days, by myself” but christopher didn’t hear that bit.)  on new year’s eve he surprised me with a weekend away, just us, at that very hotel outside of portland.


my cake from last year

portland is probably my favorite city.  we live an equal distance between seattle and portland, but seattle makes me tense–i hate driving there–and portland instantly melts the stress from me.  i don’t know what it is, but it’s a magical place.

we took our time, didn’t over schedule the days, and just enjoyed one of our favorite cities.  we also were very mindful of just being together.  since before the boys were born, he and i have been away together exactly twice.  this weekend and once last february.  the boys had a wonderful time at their first sleep away over at their aunt and uncle’s house.  there was a really sad moment when we were face timing with them before bedtime on saturday and they lost it.  which meant that i lost it.  lots of tears.  then the boys went to bed, we turned off the video chat and chris took me for a scotch so, things got better.


happy (grainy) selfie at double mountain brewery in hood river, oregon

since we both work in the beer/wine/spirits industry, a lot of our trips revolve around some type of beer.  this trip, we took the time to stop at a couple new breweries that christopher represents.  double mountain brewery and pfriem family brewers in hood river, oregon.  i can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful everyone was, how incredible the food was and how outstanding the beers were at both places.  matt and phil at double mountain made sure all our questions were answered and took the time to give us some in depth info on the brewery and it’s mission.  thank you guys so much!  we were offered a tour, but due to timing on friday night, we had to decline.  josh pfriem took time out of his sunday to meet us at his brew pub and give us a backstage tour of his state of the art brewery.  thank you so much, josh.  we will wear our new pfriem t-shirts with pride!


pfriem family brewers in hood river, oregon

our portland stay began with friday night at the mcmenamins white eagle pub and hotel.  we like to stay there because they have live music every night and it’s haunted.  i swear our door opened in the night by itself!


mcmenamins white eagle hotel in portland, oregon

then, the next morning we drove up to the mississippi district and had breakfast at miss delta.  this is one of our favorite places to eat.  mimosa basilicas and chicken and waffles.  yummy!  toys for the boys from black wagon (thank you to all the ladies there–the store is always so fun and the staff is always so kind!), and some art for me from land.  this is such and awesome part of town; if you are in portland, check out this street!


mimosa basilica at miss delta in portland, oregon 

one of the highlights was going to the horse brass pub in south east portland.  there is a beer that christopher and i love but they don’t distribute in washington, so we never get it.  the rumor was that horse brass has a dedicated russian river brewing company pliny the elder tap, so we wanted to check it out on saturday.  the rumors were true and i enjoyed my first piney the elder on draught on my birthday.  hugh, the bartender was fabulous and we fell in love with that pub.  it will be a regular stop for us.


birthday pint of pliny at horse brass in portland, oregon (i hate having my picture taken)

after shopping and pints, we drove out to troutdale and checked in at the mcmenamins edgefield hotel.  there was a bottle of sparkling wine waiting for us in our room and we immediately headed to ruby’s soaking pool.  there is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting in a 102 degree soaking pool while it rains.  oh, how i love portland!  dinner, drinks at the bars around the property and lots of time spent just talking (without tiny people screaming or interrupting) was how we spent the rest of the night.  oh, and one more soak in the pool before bed.

as much as i missed my boys and as wonderful as it was to come home to them, i couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

thank you, christopher.


p.s. stephanie and clint, we love you so much for watching our boys this weekend. you guys are the best.




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