our house is a very, very, very fine house…


when christopher and i found this house, totally by accident–or fate, we immediately fell in love.  one of the things we have in common is a love of old homes and the character inherent in those older homes.  we got a loan, waited and then moved in.  right before the boys’ second birthday.  it was a crazy time and moving sucks, but we paced ourselves with the unpacking and decorating and are really loving the feel of our home right now.

built in 1943, our downtown kennewick washington house is a craftsman style home.  but like the other homes in our neighborhood, over the years, previous owners have added on.  our attic has been converted to two bedrooms and a half bath, but the staircase leading to the upstairs looks incredibly original and very old, so some further research on my part is needed to figure out just when the attic was renovated.  the main level has had a dining room added to the back of the house, enlarging the kitchen, but they did a great job by adding built-ins in the original period style.  open shelving in the kitchen and a giant built-in bookcase in the living room add a ton of charm.  i just restyled the bookcase over the weekend.






as the boys get older, it’s nice that i can put out more decorative pieces without worrying (as much) about things breaking.  i loved the craftsman-period colors the previous owners had painted the house and i only painted one wall in the living room and one wall in the kitchen with my favorite color green (still period) and i painted two ends of the kitchen cabinets and the entire back door in chalkboard paint so the boys could color, but i find that i like to color too.  my friend did a great chalk drawing on the back door for our monthly supper club gatherings.


 the previous owners finished the basement and added a jetted tub, which is christopher’s favorite!  a small backyard which is just the perfect size for play and a garden and a detached garage finish off our home.  oh, and i forgot to mention the covered front porch that extends the entire width of the house!  this is by far my favorite place in our home.  as soon as it’s not freezing, i have my coffee out there and we have a porch swing that we enjoy every day in good weather.




as soon as my calendar turned over to january, i did a deep clean in the living room and rearranged the furniture.  i do this ever january.  it’s my new year ritual.  i like to move things around and get a fresh perspective. our cat, obi-wan, likes the fresh perspective too.




it’s not new, it’s not perfect, but we love it and it is ours until we die — because we are not up to moving ever again!


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what’s your favorite thing about your home?




4 thoughts on “our house is a very, very, very fine house…

  1. Erin, I loved your home tour and comments as well, especially since I have only seen they outside before you and Chris and the babies moved in. I love the hardwood floors, and the colors, and the chalkboard paint. One of these days I’ll get to see the real thing but meanwhile the photos are great.

  2. I love your house! It is so American with the porch and all! I would probably sit there every sunshine day too. Looks so relaxed and I really like the swinging bench.
    That green color you painted is my favorite color.
    Thanks for the tour.

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