january always brings such promise.  for me, it is a month of refreshing; out with the old, in with the new.  my birthday falls in january and as i get older, i find myself spending time thinking about what i want for each new year.  i don’t do resolutions.  i never keep them and they lead me to feeling bad about how i can’t keep them.  but, i like to think about what i would like to learn/be/become and it is nice to start the year off with a bit of reflection.

2013 was not a great year for me, mostly where my career is concerned.   i managed a winery and then i did not.  my current job is a much better fit for me but, at the time, it was heart-wrenching to make the decision to quit the winery.  but, my family and i are so much happier for it.  i had a major surgery last year.  we did not get to take any of the family trips we wanted to take.  2013 was a year of growing pains.


the boys and i were talking the other day about what a big year 2013 was for them.  they learned to use the potty by themselves, dress themselves, learned all their alphabet–including how to write most letters, took swimming lessons and began school.  framed in this perspective, 2013 was an incredible year of discovery and growth.


so, this is what i will do with 2014:  i will look at this year through the eyes of my beautiful boys.  i will see the wonder and the magic.  i will see the limitless possibilities.  i will explore and enjoy the moments.  since, i am a fatalist at heart, this will not always happen and i will still be prepared for a zombie apocalypse, but it won’t stop me from trying to frame things in a positive light, the way my boys see the world.  so, i guess my goal for 2014 is to be more child-like.


here are some links to a few things i’ve read around the web that inspire me to look at 2014 with a fresh perspective:

the coolest little glass cabin

i am going to learn how to do this this year.

since i’m growing out my hair, i will master some of these hairdos.

see the world like Amelie Poulain.

take better pictures with my iPhone.

what are your goals and aspirations for the new year?




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