happy christmas…


this post comes through a haze of sleeplessness, sparkling wine and happy, screaming toddlers.  if you are a parent you understand what christmas morning is like with little people up before dawn (really, it’s still the middle of the night) ready and excited for the wonderful gifts waiting to be opened.  my parents had the tradition of placing our stockings on our beds, which i thought was awesome growing up, but i now know it is a brilliant plan for getting an extra half hour of sleep! go santa!




the boys were overjoyed and chris and i were overwhelmed and our hearts were so full because of the amazing gifts our parents and siblings sent for our boys.  really, you guys gave the kids too much and we cannot possibly begin to thank you enough.


right now, the littles are driving around in their power wheels jeep that my dear friend gave to us (it is a hardly-used hand me down from her son) and would not accept any money for.  felicia dee, you are a dear and i have many whiskey sours for you over the course of our friendship together. 😉

so, as this tired mama finishes her glass of wine and turns off the dvd left in the player downstairs, i want to wish you all a very happy christmas and many happy returns for the new year.  the house of mayhem and chaos will continue in 2014 and i have lots of fun things to talk about with you.  so, cheers and be sure to take some time today to love on your families and sit back and smile at the bliss in your life.




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