the elf (not always) on the shelf…

we decided to do the whole elf on the shelf thing this year since the boys are three and really, really loving everything about christmas.  in preparation, i did some pinterest research on fun elf ideas.  i especially love the ones that make him do some naughty things, because it’s hard to ask your kids to be good for the whole month of december and i’m pretty sure elves are just like three year olds, so they get into mischief.

according to the story, you are supposed to name your elf and after much debate over names including, nick fury (totally would have made an eye patch!) agent coulson (see a theme?) and poopy, (yep, poopy) we settled on buddy.  thank god we’d watched elf several times before our elf arrived!  i don’t think i could have handled poopy the elf for the next few years!


our elf is mostly good, but i think he’s going to make a mess or two.

IMG_4385 IMG_4400 IMG_4410 IMG_4439 IMG_4445

we’ll see what kind of mischief he gets into next.

disclaimer: here is a little rant that ties into the elf on the shelf.

during my research on the elf on the shelf tradition, i ran across a lot of haters on blogs and social media.  i mean, some people are really anti-elf.  i gather, it’s mostly because some parents get really into the tradition and have their elf doing all sorts of different stuff and others feel that this is overboard and setting a bar for the elf on the shelf tradition really high.  i realized during my research that it mostly just sounded a grinch-y to me.  i get that some people aren’t into this, but it’s the freakin’ holidays!  it blows my mind how mean some people can be about things they don’t chose to do themselves.

it also made me think about attitudes during the holidays.  we are trying to teach the boys that sometimes, people do/believe/celebrate things in a different way than we do and that’s ok.  we try to teach them that even if you don’t like the way someone is doing something, it doesn’t make it wrong and it’s ok for them to do things their own way.  we try to teach them to be nice about it.  or just don’t mention it.  so, if you don’t like my elf on the shelf, just skip it on my facebook or pinterest or instagram, just like i’m skipping the elf-hater posts.  please don’t tell me how creepy or awful the elf is.  please don’t tell me that moms who pinterest and over-elf should be punched.  santa and the elves are watching.  i’m pretty sure threatening to punch someone gets you put on the naughty list! 😉




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