the supper club: “friendsgiving”…

we are so blessed to share meals once a month with some of the coolest people we know.  this little group of friends has become a family of sorts and we enjoy our time together immensely.  for this month’s menu we agreed on cioppino (a san francisco fish soup/stew) to which everyone contributed a seafood item and some wine and bread or dessert.  on a whim, and without consulting the group, i dubbed this meal our “friendsgiving.”


now, i did not coin this phrase.  i’m not sure who did, but i remembered reading about a friendsgiving last year on this fabulous blog, a beautiful mess. being that i live so far from my family and most of christopher’s lives elsewhere, save for his oldest sister and her lovely family (with whom we share actual thanksgiving), we love that gathering with our supper club friends feels like family to us.


IMG_4257_fotormy dearest friend, shane, says that “friends are the family you choose” and i heartily agree.  we share our homes, our food and our time.  that is family.  that is thanksgiving.  this is “friendsgiving.”



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