the supper club…

supper club 11

being in the wine and beer industry for so many years means that christopher and i have a group of friends that embody the sentiment “eat, drink and be merry.”  our gatherings are always full of great conversation, laughter, amazing food and lots of wine and craft beer along with delightful spirits and cocktails.  after years of saying “we should get together regularly for supper” we finally established a sunday supper club.  this sunday is our second gathering.  the best thing about our club is that everyone involved is a foodie and committed to great food, locally sourced (if possible) and are all great chefs.

christopher and i host because it is just way easier with the boys.  they can play and run wild and we don’t have to run herd on them like we would at someone else’s house and we all get to enjoy the evening.  it was a drizzly september afternoon, but we carried our big dining table out onto the covered back patio anyway and enjoyed our pacific northwest evening anyway.

supper club 2

Supper Club 1
supper club 4

here is the menu from the last gathering:

jamie oliver’s best roast leg of lamb

ryan’s corn salad

claire’s caprese lollies

the french’s summer cous cous w/tomato and cilantro

justin’s pb cookies

felicia’s pumpkin cheesecake

kara’s plumb clafoutis

supper club 5 supper club 3

supper lasted into the evening and kara, our fire-starter extraordinaire, made a toasty fire in the fire pit and everyone lingered into the night, talking, laughing and enjoying the amazing wines everyone brought.

supper club 6 supper club 8 supper club 10 supper club 9

we have such a lovely group and we are so thankful for the food, conversation and friendships we share.



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