to wear on a busy fall day…

i am all about comfort. and value. and easy.  so when i find something that i like that fits (mostly–more on that in a minute) i usually buy in multiples.  even better is when i can find pieces when i’m out shopping for other necessities.  this is why i love costco and target.  one stop shopping.  the only downside to costco is a lack of a dressing room.  this is remedied by wearing leggings out shopping in the first place and their ah-MAZ-ing return policy.

now that the boys are in am preschool, i am finding that i reeeallly don’t like getting up in the mornings.  fyi, i already knew this about myself but, now that i have to get up in the morning early enough to get two other little people ready to be presentable to the world, it makes it just a little more hard to actually get up.  and it leaves little time for getting myself ready.  thank god for my husband.  mornings here are crazier than normal now.  hence the easy, comfy, outfits.


shoes ~ simple (i’ve had this pair for more than ten years but they still make them) / jeans ~ old navy boot cut, thrifted / hat ~ gap, clearanced a couple years ago (similar) / shirt ~ target (similar) / sweater ~ maurices

this kind of outfit can take me through a busy day at home with the boys and i won’t even have to change for work, unless someone gets paint or something really stainy on me.

something else i’ve discovered is that, since i can sew, i don’t have to buy things that fit exactly perfectly.  remember when i was talking about wearing leggings to costco?  i do this so i can try on pants.  in the aisle.  in front of people.  i do not care.  this came in handy a couple of weeks ago when i saw that they had lucky brand jeans for $24.99*.  seriously.  i think i tried on at least three sizes.  then i got two pair.  multiples, people!  (also, this is my motto for having children.)

because i am super short, even the shortest lengths are too long for me, so i’ve learned to hem.  i use this awesome tutorial from for keeping the original hem and it’s way easier than cutting everything off and trying to distress your finished hem in the end.  these particular jeans (sophia boot cut) were a little big in the thigh, so i used my sewing skills to take them in on the sides.  alas, i did this during naptime and since time was of the essence, i didn’t document with pictures for you.  but, i essentially put them on inside out, pinned the thighs to where the were tighter but not too tight, took them off, drew a line connecting the dots (pins) and sewed a new seam.  if you do this, DO NOT CUT ANYTHING OFF until you are sure the new seams are where you want them.  once this was done, i had two new pairs of perfectly fitting lucky brand jeans for less than half the price of one pair from a boutique store in the mall!  yay costco!


shirt ~ target, last year (similar) / jeans ~ lucky brand sophia boot cut, costco

what is your go-to fall outfit?



*i looked online to see if had the lucky brand jeans listed but they don’t.  so if you live in the tri-cities at least, go to costco now!


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