a busy couple weeks…

it has been really busy around here since i last posted.  i have a few fun things up my sleeve including a recap of the yakima fresh hop festival i went to for work (best. job. ever.) and a fun post about our inaugural supper club gathering.  but, really we’ve just been spending most of our time getting the boys ready to start preschool tomorrow, dealing with crazy work schedules and the blustery beginning of fall.  so, here are some snapshots from the last couple weeks:

IMG_0534 IMG_7743-1 supper club 11 IMG_4001 IMG_3984 IMG_3958 IMG_0525

from top left ~

not even sure which kid is wearing the batman cowl

a fun playdate with friends at the park and a rare moment of sharing

a sneak preview of our first supper club

the new mazzy star album = bliss

jack is not supposed to mess with my glasses, so instead of a time out, i took a picture; because, really how adorable is this?!?!

harry rocking out on his kit

epic lightsaber battle


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