things i wear…

my sense of fashion has always been a little…different.  my tastes are all over the place from vintage styled, mad men-esque shifts to punk rock t-shirts and my doc martens that I still have from high school and i tend to dress in cycles.  ladylike for a while, dirty hippie for a bit, so on and so forth.  lately i’ve been digging a hippie vibe with maxi skirts, grateful dead shirts and lots of leather and turquoise accessories.

thankfully, i have a great job that allows me to dress however i like and this gives me such a feeling of freedom; something i never had at my other jobs.

sometimes people ask me about my outfits and how i put together my pieces.  i really have no secrets except i wear comfortable clothes and i don’t care what other people think.  i dress for myself.  i spent a lot of my time in the past worrying what other people thought of me and now that i’m in my 30’s i have discovered that it doesn’t matter one bit.  they will form their own opinions and sometimes, no matter what, they will disapprove.  so what?  i like it and that’s all that matters.  i get the most complements when i toss on a marvel avengers shirt and a long skirt.  “mommy, you so pretty.” nothing beats that!

of course, i still totally ask my husband “does this make me look lumpy?” and things like that, and i want to know that he thinks i look good, but other than that, i don’t care.  i also don’t often buy things unless they are on sale and i mostly shop at target and old navy.




1. shirt cheech and chong shirt, target (i used this tutorial from to restyle it.  i love this blog!)  / tank top feed usa for target / really old leggings i got at fred meyer / boots, minnetonka / oh, and that awesome wild things picture in the background? it’s from oliveandbirch

2. cuff, karen kell collection

3. boots, laredo / dress, gap – from a long time ago

what’s your style like?




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