we have a tardis…

now that i’m staying home with the boys during the day and working in the evenings, i seriously run out of things to entertain them.  thankfully, they have each other and are relatively content to play with one another, and i really don’t like to have them watch a lot of t.v.–hey, you try having twin three-year-olds and proceeding with the “we don’t allow any t.v. in our house” policy.  so, we do what works.  which, sometimes means putting on the nightmare before christmas at 6 am so we can get a few more precious minutes of sleep, and sometimes means using whatever paper item you have on hand to give them a few minutes of entertainment and you a few minutes to shower or finally finish the coffee you’ve heated in the microwave fifteen times.

enter the lowly paper bag.  we usually bring our reusable bags to the grocer, but when we forget, our local store, yoke’s fresh market, has the best paper sacks.  paper bags make for great robot costumes.


i actually got to take a shower after this.

i am also a big fan of any cardboard box you run across.  the yellow chairs from the last post? they came in a great box!  after a half hour with a box knife, we had a tardis.


after a half hour with my twins, well…only my kids could explode the tardis.


i could really use the doctor right about now.  or at least a sonic screwdriver.  actually, one of those would come in handy on a daily basis around here.

how do you keep your little kids entertained on a daily basis?




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