winding down summer


i love summer.  i love everything about it.  i love the heat, the sun, the breezes, the get-togethers with our friends, the produce…everything.  we have been doubly blessed this year in the pacific northwest because we have not had a hellaciously hot summer but the just-right warm temperatures have held on a little longer than normal.

growing up in phoenix, az, i’m used to the crazy-hot that is the southwest desert.  days where you can’t walk on the grass with bare feet because it’s too hot and nights that linger in the 110˚zone.   i have lived in the pacific northwest for fifteen years (more on than off) and i still count my blessings that up here, the nights cool down.  that is one of the best things about living here: hot days and cool nights make for great wine.  yay, wine country!  but, i have to say, sometimes, i miss the southwestern desert heat.

we have been really enjoying the fact that we only have to run the a/c for a few hours during the day and we can open up the house to the breezes at night and in the morning.  i love letting the boys have free run in the backyard and on the front porch in the mornings.  the garden has exploded and we have pumpkin vines that have decided to use the lilac bushes as a natural trellis and are now winding themselves around the telephone lines!  i have to yank them down every day.  the boys think we have already started decorating for halloween.


i feel autumn in the air though.  that briskness in the morning that has no place in summer.  i’ve started making more food on the stove again and have braved turning on the oven a couple of times lately.  pumpkin flavors are everywhere now–pumpkin beers are my absolute favorite, so i’m not complaining.

but, i’m holding onto summer as long as i can.  I bought a houseplant to keep things cheery come winter and decorated the kitchen with bright new yellow stools at the table.  winters here are gloomy and i spend half the year yearning for the sun again, so i’m not letting it go just yet.



here are a few things from the internet that help me hold onto that summery feeling:

~ what to do with all that zucchini

~ bright and colorful rooms to inspire

~ one of my favorite local wineries

~ beautiful plants for container gardening

~ keep your summer glow into the fall with my go-to face product

~ the loveliest outdoor dinner parties

and one to get you in the autumn mood:

~ my favorite pumpkin beer




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