three is the new (terrible) two

the boys are three now and whoever said “terrible twos” was dead wrong.  three is the new two.  and i wouldn’t call it terrible so much as really, really defiant.  i’m not even going to pretend that i’m handling it well, because i’m not. now that i’m home with the boys during the day, i generally more patient with them but lately, they are pushing the boundaries so far that i’m at a loss for how to deal.


this week, jack has taken every opportunity to yell at me, “i no like you, mommy!!!  go away!!”  and harry will. not. obey. at. all!  as in, he ran in the street three times when we were visiting a neighbor, after i told him to  stay on the sidewalk at least 85 times, and he’s pinching his brother every time i turn my back.  i get that this is just a phase, but i can’t help but think that this behavior is just going to keep getting worse and worse.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how to nix the talking back and defiance.  i’m not proud to say it usually ends in him (them) in time out and me yelling.


but even as i’m typing this, i look over and they are on the porch swing, swinging and having a very sweet brother moment.  maybe there’s hope after all…




how do you keep the back talk at bay and deal with the “terribles?”  i’m thinking gin…


~ cheers,




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