summer storms and the like

we just had a tremendous thunderstorm.  it was really the first spectacular one of the whole summer and it truly made it worth the wait.  we were all on the front porch, chris with his guitar, me singing and the boys playing when it hit.  there really is nothing more i love than a summer thunderstorm.  the boys kept shouting, “mommy, Thor coming, Thor coming!”  oh, if only that were true!  we sat on the steps and watched the lightening until one hit too close and the thunder was immediate and super loud and jack jumped up and was outta there!  we retreated to the house as the torrential downpour started and the boys watched from the window while chris and i made the best mac & cheese ever.  the storm was over shortly after it started; isn’t that the way it is with summer storms?  i don’t have pictures, but here are a few from the past couple of weeks that i love:

christopher playing his guitar on the porch
beer on the porch right before the storm
got me some cowgirl boots
rotating draft list at our favorite restaurant, fox and bear public house
tree huggers
i love finding thor in my bed!
fab beer i sell at the shop
costco treat for myself this week
fab beer a customer brought us.  going to try to find a distributor so i can sell it @ the shop



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